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We always suggest and arrange the most optimum solution of truck transport throughout Europe for you.
We are capable of transporting any shipment of yours regardless of how it is packed and your transport requirements.
We respect your wishes and specific features of individual transportations and we adjust our services to you consistently.

Selected vehicles have ADR equipment for transporting dangerous goods, coil liners, TIR certification for the transport in the Carnet TIR mode. Our vehicles of course contain equipment for safe transport, such as fasteners, corner protectors or anti-slip mats.

Types of

International truck transport

We will provide you with export, import transport and transit transport. If necessary, we will ensure the customs clearance of the shipment.

Local truck transport

Reliable transport throughout the Czech Republic. To increase the effectiveness, we use synergies with international transport.

Heavy and oversize cargo transport

If the shipment exceeds the allowed weight and volume limits for standard transport, we will provide a suitable vehicle, including tracing and obtaining all necessary authorisations and permits.


Service type Service description
Tarpaulin semi-trailers Length of 13.6 m, height up to 3 m, intended for transporting standard, packed goods without the requirement for temperature control and management
Large-volume road trains Usual length of 7.7+7.7 m, height up to 3 m, intended primarily for transporting packed goods of large volumes and lower weight
Refrigerated (box) semi-trailers Length of 13.4 m, height up to 2.6 m, intended for transporting refrigerated goods or perishable goods or high-value goods.
Tipping trailers Intended for transporting bulk goods
Special lowboys for heavy transport
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